SecureBoost SD-WAN

qos-what-mattersEnd-to-End QoS for Voice ClarityQuality-of-Service-with-SecureBoost

Voice quality assurance over any internet line. This can also be applied to other critical applications, not just voice.

Acceleration for speed-boosting certain files

SecureBoost can take certain file types such as emails, text files, HTML and other file formats and compress them as they are sent through the internet. The end user receives the file uncompressed. This speeds up transfers on uploads making better use of your internet connections.

Traffic Encryption to keep your data away from prying eyes

SecureBoost sends traffic using unique data packet delivery. This encrypts your data and makes it the most secure way to transfer data across the net.

Managed Firewall

SecureBoost adds extra security on the fly with a firewall you can manage. You set the rules, and data you don’t want to enter your network will be rejected.

 SecureBoost Delivers: Reliability with Failover

SecureBoost can provide an Internet Failover Service like no other. This unique service allows any business to combine multiple Internet connections  (regardless of provider or type) to create reliable Internet secureBosst  Increase bandwidth imageconnectivity. If one connection suddenly degrades or goes offline, your data will continue to flow to its destination uninterrupted. When the problem connection is fixed, the system will automatically add it back to its pipeline. No special configurations or specialists are required. It’s that simple.


Keep Productivity Flowing

On most days, the Internet and the innumerable systems it powers can be relied on to work well enough. But network failures are inevitable, often caused by way of accidentally cut lines, weather and environment issues, hacking, or other unforeseen issues beyond the control of the service provider. When your connection is down, it means dropped VoIP calls, canceled transactions, and widespread inconvenience and frustration. Instead of setting everything up and hoping it won't fail, businesses should be able to rely on a system that can respond quickly and gracefully to those inevitable failures.